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Phoenix canariensis
and Phoenix dactylifera
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Phoenix canariensis
Scientific name: Phoenix canariensis
Pronunciation: fee-niks can-air-ee-en-sis
Common name: Canary Island Date Palm
Family: Arecaceae
As Seen In The PlantFinder West, Phoenix canariensis by South Coast Growers

This large, stately palm often reaches a size too massive for most residential landscapes but, fortunately, it is very slow-growing and will take a considerable amount of time to reach its 50 to 60-foot height The Canary Island Date Palm is most impressive with its single, upright, thick trunk topped with a crown of 8 to 15-foot-long, stiff leaves with extremely sharp spines at their bases. The stalks of inconspicuous flowers are replaced with clusters of one-inch-diameter, orange-yellow, date-like, ornamental fruits which ripen in early summer. The trunk can reach a diameter of four feet and is covered with an attractive, diamond-shaped pattern from old leaf scars.

Canary Island Date Palm Canary Island Date Palm Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix dactylifera
Scientific name: Phoenix dactylifera
Pronunciation: fee-niks dak-till-if-er-ah
Common name: True/Edible Date Palm
Family: Arecaceae
As seen in PlantFinder, Date Palms by South Coast Growers

Although there are many palms that we call "date palms"; pygmy date palm(Phoenix roebelenii), Senegal date palm (Phoenix reclinata), Canary Island date palm (Phoenix canariensis) to name a few. However the "true" date palm from which the fruit is obtained is the Phoenix dactylifera which is a multi-stemmed palm from which the suckers are usually removed to create single stemmed specimens. The broad gray trunk is patterned with diamond-shaped leaf scars and is up to 16 inches in diameter. The large greenish or bluish gray pinnate leaves are typically 18-20 ft long by 2 ft wide. They are arranged in a thick canopy up to 40 feet wide. Leaflets are 1-2 ft long and arranged in V-shape ranks that run the length of the leaf stem. Leaflets near the base are modified into sharp 3-4 in spines.
Texas & Florida Customers, have you been brain washed and told that the Deglet Noor will not grow in your area?
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The Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm) is available in all sizes and quantities. The Phoenix dactylifera (True Date Palm) is also available in all sizes and quantities. While there is only one variety of Phoenix canariensis, there are 100's of varieties of the Phoenix dactylifera. The varieties most commonly used in the landscape for ornamental purposes is the Deglet Noor, Medjool, and Zahidi. All Phoenix dactylifera Date Palms are grown in California. It is cheaper to buy Date Palms in California & have them shipped.  Wholesalers in Texas and Florida must buy their trees from California

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