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Q. Does South Coast Wholesale buy Palm Trees from Home Owners?

A. Yes - We receive literally hundreds of telephone calls and emails from people who want to sell their palm tree. We DO NOT buy ALL varieties. If you send us an email and we are interested in your tree or trees we will contact you.  (If you do not hear from us it means we are not interested. We try our best to get back to everyone but due to the high volume of emails we are not always able to get back to those whose trees we are not interested in.)

Q. Does South Coast Wholesale buy Palm Trees outside of California?

A. NO - unfortunately we are currently purchasing palms trees in California only. And mainly in Southern California.

Q. What varieties do you buy?

A. We Buy the following varieties:
Chamaerops humilis - Mediterranean Fan Palm
Brahea armata  - Mexican Blue Palm
Brahea edulis - Guadalupe Palm
Butia Capitata - Pindo or Jelly Palm
Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm
Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm
...and a few others

YES WE BUY THESE - This is a Canary Island Date PalmThis is a Canary Island Date Palm
Yes - we will buy this type of palm tree provided that it is in GOOD CONDITION and is easily accessible.
If you have what you think is a Canary Island Date Palm
You can Click Here to send us an Email.
Please include a few photos and the address of the tree.





Q. Do you buy all varieties of palm trees?

A. NO - not all palms have a value to us. There are many palm trees that are fast growing and commonly nursery or field grown. The varieties that WE ARE NOT interested in are as follows:
King Palms
Mexican Fan Palms
Queen Palms


If you are unsure what type of palm tree you have, but are interested in selling it, please send an email to:

Please include a few photos of the tree and the address where the tree is located. We need to be able to see the access to the tree, so in addition to a close-up of the overall tree, we also would like to see a distant picture which will give us an idea of the trees location on your property.

Here are examples:



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