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About South Coast Wholesale

Not all trees are created equal and neither are all companies.
South Coast Wholesale (SCW) started out as a small brokering company and has grown into one of the larger specimen palm tree suppliers nationwide.  We specialize in the Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm), the Phoenix dactylifera (Date Palm), mature Olives and many others. South Coast Wholesale corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, California. We ship our large palm trees and date palms regularly to Arizona, Las Vegas, Texas, and throughout California and Florida.  In addition to our own plant stock, SCW has relationships with many wholesale growers giving us the ability to fill large orders; regardless of how big. With over 50 years of combined industry experience and a proven track record, let the knowledgeable nursery professionals and arborists at South Coast Wholesale manage and provide your next palm tree, or shrub order.

The South Coast Advantage. Choose South Coast Wholesale for your next big palm or tree order.  South Coast is # 1 when it comes to Specimen Trees and Palms. We offer Professional Brokering Services and a Specimen Tree Division, complete with Oaks, Olive, Date Palms and more. South Coast ships nationwide and has the resources and knowledge to complete your project.

Not just another salesman - as tree movers we posses the practical hands-on knowledge and experience that you can only get from many years of hands-on experience. From pre-construction site conditions to complete installation and aftercare, you are in good hands with South Coast Wholesale.

Consulting Services

Need an Arborist?
  At South Coast Wholesale we offer our clients priceless knowledge that will help you to achieve your desired result.

Outside the US? South Coast Wholesale has successfully shipped trees to the Caribbean. With a vast knowledge of shipping requirement and strategic relationships with The United States Department of Agriculture, South Coast Wholesale can locate, ship and (if needed) install our plant material on any project anywhere. To learn more about South Coast Wholesale; including our landscape installation division, please call us toll free at 1.888.326.PALM (7256)

please note that South Coast Wholesale and South Coast Growers, LLC has no relation to South Coast Growers, Inc.


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